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Agro & Feed Chemicals

Agro & Feed Chemicals are agricultural chemicals such as chemical fertilisers, herbicides, and insecticides. Chemical agents include those made with the aforementioned chemical agents as raw materials or components and intended to manage various agriculture-based illnesses and pests. 

Inorganic Chemicals

Materials which do not include both carbon and hydrogen are referred to as Inorganic Chemicals. Water and hydrochloric acid are some examples of inorganic substances that include hydrogen atoms. In contrast, carbon atoms are found in just a few Inorganic Chemicals.

Phthalocynine Pigments

The Phthalocynine Pigments are made with high-quality components and are well-known in the market for their efficacy, extended shelf life and flawless composition. These pigments are widely used as raw materials in the production of paper, paint, soaps, plastic, rubber, detergent powder, inks, etc.

Industrial Chemical

Chemical produced for application in the industrial processing of chemicals is referred to as Industrial Chemical. Some industrial chemicals are solely utilised in industrial operations, whereas many others are employed as ingredients in commercial products sold in consumer markets.